Admissions Policy

We do not exclude or otherwise discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age (except as is indicated by law) or sexual orientation. However…

“We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service or Entry to Anyone at Anytime!”

Selective door policies at night clubs date back to the 1970′s with clubs like NY’s infamous Studio 54. It is designed to assure that many different groups make up the clientele and none dominate the others.

The ultimate goal of our establishments is to provide premier night club experience that are fun, welcoming, comfortable and most important, PROFITABLE! We are a business, our ultimate goal is making money. To that end, we admit people based on demonstrated “best practices” for maximizing the fiscal goals of our business.

On extremely crowded nights, admission to our club is left to the discretion of the door staff. But there are tips that can enhance/increase the likelihood that you will be admitted. They are as followed -

Come early and appropriately dressed, (i.e., no athletic attire, including jerseys) pants and ball caps must be worn straight forward or straight back, all shirts must have sleeves, no plain white t-shirts, no sagging pants, no holey jeans, and clothing must be clean.

And we ask these few simple things – buy a table! Fellas – If you come, don’t come with a bunch of guys – BRING SOME LADIES WITH YOU!!!! This enhances the atmosphere. Make a reservation. Don’t give the door staff a hard time.

If on crowded nights you are in line and are not admitted, don’t assume it is based on race. We want a diverse club that reflects the City of Columbus’ racial, ethnic & cultural diversity. So be assured, the only color that really matters is GREEN! If you don’t gain entry into one clubs, move on down the road to one of our other fine clubs! On Park Street, there is something for EVERYONE!

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